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Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates 1 1/2 Lb.

Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates 1 1/2 Lb.

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One and a half pounds of Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates: Enjoy an assortment of delicious chocolates without a hint of sugar!


Toffee - crispy toffee dipped in milk chocolate, Butter Crunch - buttery toffee in milk chocolate topped with crushed almonds; Classic Vanilla Caramel - soft, chewy caramel enrobed in milk or dark chocolate; Cherry Cordial - a sweet and tart cherrry wrapped in chocolate and cupped; Vanilla Cream - soft and sweet with a hint of vanilla dipped in chocolate; Raspberry Jelly - a burst of raspberry jelly flavor in delicious chocolate; Peanut Butter Cup - salty peanut butter in milk chocolate; Espresso Truffle - a hint of espresso in chocolate wrapped in more chocolate; Chocolate Truffle - a delicious confection of rich dark chocolate enrobed in chocolate; Coconut Cluster - delightful coconut enrobed in milk chocolate.


Made with Maltitol, Sorbitol and Polydextrose sweeteners. Allergy Information: Shares Equipment with Products Containing Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Egg, Soy, and Wheat.

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